Drink Menu

Signature Drinks

Hollstien's Electric Lemonade
Absolut Citron, Blue Curacao and Lemonade. Garnished with a lemon and served in a Hollstein's pint glass.
Mai Tai Up
Bacardi Light Rum, Meyers Dark Rum, Triple Sec, OJ, Pineapple Juice and Grenadine garnished with an orange slice & cherry and served in our signature pint glass

Golden Saloon Margarita
Hand shaken with premium Patron Silver 100% Blue Agave Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice & sour mix topped with Grand Marnier over ice in a salt rimmed signature pint glass
Skinny Saloon Girl Cocktail
Your choice of Absolut Peach or Raspberry Vodka, diet Sprite and soda garnished with a lemon over ice in our signature pint glass. Only 120 calories


Hollsteins Cosmo
Absolut Citron, triple sec, cranberry & lime juice served up with a twist
O.J. Corral Martini
Absolut Mandarin and Coconut Rum with a splash of OJ
The Gunfight
Premium Vanilla Vodka, accents this sweet battle of white and dark Godiva liquor served in a chocolate syrup swirled martini glass

Dirty Saloon Martini
Grey Goose premium vodka chilled straight up with a splash of olive juice and green olives
The French Whore
Absolut Vodka shaken with Chambord Raspberry liquor & pineapple juice

Menu and Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.